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Reiner jetStamp Graphic 970 (Battery Operated) – Metal, Plastic & Glass Surfaces

The Reiner jetStamp Graphic 970 does not come with a ribbon by default. If you wish to print on paper, metal, glass or plastic then please see the table in the product description and choose one of the relevant ribbons below. It also includes FREE delivery to UK mainland ONLY

This item: Reiner jetStamp Graphic 970 (Battery Operated) – Metal, Plastic & Glass Surfaces
£1,395.00 excl. VAT
£1,395.00 excl. VAT
1 P3-S-BK Graphic 970 Black Inkjet Cartridge - Absorbent Surfaces
£70.00 excl. VAT
1 P3-MP3-BK Black Quick Dry Inkjet Cartridge - Metal, Plastic & Glass Surfaces
£99.00 excl. VAT

£1,395.00 excl. VAT



The jetStamp graphic 970 is a hand-held inkjet printer that marks documents and or products simply and quickly. In addition to number, date, time and text, this device can also print graphics and barcodes. With the MP ink, it is also possible to print on non-absorbent surfaces such as metal and plastic. The 970 is mobile, handy and easy to operate and program. It comes complete with its own software and weighs just over 1 pound. Free software is provided for easy customisation of the jetStamps printing templates. Reiner jetStamp Graphic 970 Features:

  • Number, date, time, text and graphics and barcodes
  • Automatic advancing numbering and dating barcode
  • Up to four different print images can be stored in the 970
  • Print image can be created simply and quickly at the PC and transmitted via USB or Bluetooth
  • Since the 970 is operated with rechargeable batteries, it can be taken to the goods to be marked quickly, easily and on the go
  • Your choice of regular ink for paper or cardboard or our specially formulated MP ink for marking on non-absorbent surfaces such as metal and plastic
  • The MP ink dries quickly, is smear resistant and is great for marking consumer products such as food packaging and bottles
  • Print area dimensions: (W x H) 65 mm (2 ½”) x 12.7 mm (½”)
  • Print layouts can be designed on a PC using the specially developed software “PCset graphic”
  • Practical Inkjet printer now permits printing automatic advancing numbering/dating barcode

Additional Information

Download brochure for the Reiner products
Download brochure for the Reiner products
Frequently Asked Questions
Print Examples
Mod. 970G-1 – 12.7mm
Mod. 970G-2 – 12.7mm
Mod. 970G-3 – 12.7mm
Mod. 970G-4 – 12.7mm

jetStamp Ribbon Compatibility Chart

790792790 MP792 MPGraphic 970Graphic 970
PorousPorousPorous + Non-PorousPorous + Non-PorousPorousPorous + Non-Porous
RibbonPaperPaperPaper, Metal, Plastic, GlassPaper, Metal, Plastic, GlassPaperPaper, Metal, Plastic, Glass
Black Jet Cartridge
Red Jet Cartridge
Blue Jet Cartridge
P3-S-BK Graphic 970 Black Jet Cartridge
MP2 Black Jet Cartridge
MP2 Red Jet Cartridge
MP4 Black Jet Cartridge**
MP6 Yellow Jet Cartridge
P3-MP3-BK Black Quick Dry Inkjet Cartridge**


Porous surfaces include paper, cardboard, and untreated woods.
Non-Porous surfaces include glass, plastics, metals, and varnished wood

* – The MP4 Black Jet Cartridge is the only cartridge that can print on glass
** –  The P3-MP3-BK Black Jet Cartridge does print on glass but can smear


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