Hand Sanitiser with Digital Smart Display

  • 21.5″ Hand Sanitiser with Digital Smart Display
  • Body Temperature Measurement (Optional)
  • Promote and advertise your company messages, videos, news, feeds etc.
  • Slim design with Large LCD screen
  • Auto dispenser hand sanitiser
  • Wall or Floor Standing
  • Wireless water Alarm
  • Plastic Design

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3000ml Big Bottle Volume

With a large capacity of 3000ml, it can support 3000 gel doses, 6000 foam doses, or 1500 liquid doses. Utilising a large capacity bottle extends the length of time between each refill, limiting the need for close contact in the public and effectively protecting the health and safety of users and maintenance personnel.

Cloud CMS on the Global Control

With the use of an online Cloud CMS, engineers can monitor and manage the dispenser 90% of the time, like being able to check the water level, at the office reducing the costs and manpower to send someone out to check it. The Cloud CMS allows the ability to publish material to the device, monitor any currently broadcasted programs and manage a multitude of devices. The technology behind the Smart Display caters for a much more flexible advertisement method using all kinds of media types such as video, music and pictures. The only limitation is your imagination.

Remaining Liquid Detection Wirelessly

Being powered by the new CMS-XDS-2 gives the capability of detecting the current volume of liquid in the bottle remotely, quickly and accurately, after hitting the different thresholds: 0%, 20%, 50%, 80 % and 100 %. The machine can support different forms of Gel & Foam sanitisers, as well as other liquid forms, like alcohol, easily and much more efficiently The new model utilises WiFi, 4G / 3G or LAN for its communication. You only need the one account to maintain all the different machines.

3rd Generation Industrial Design

With the revolutionary design, super slim frame and ABS plastic material, the new design on the hand sanitiser digital display can used for a more attractive advertisement piece out in the open whilst helping staff, and even the public, stay hygienic.

Built-In AI

Taking advantage of the new useful function: Thermometer Voice Speaker, grants instant warnings to help protect individuals by detecting anyone with a high temperature and alerting them.

Additional Information

Download the brochure for HSSD ZYXDAT32L Hand Sanitiser
Temperature measurement and advertising are carried out at the same time, the high-definition screen gives you a better viewing experience, automatic sensor nozzle, clean your hands, better protection
Quickly measure the temperature of the forehead in 3 seconds, support face recognition, and continuously broadcast advertisements. It is the choice for shopping malls, schools and other places with many people.
1-1.5 meters temperature measurement distance, high accuracy, and high temperature alarm reminder function, temperature measurement data can be viewed in the background, allowing you to easily control at home


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