ActIn Time Lite Junior 2021 (GDPR Tools) Proximity Time & Attendance Package – Series 1

ActIn Time Lite Junior 2021 (GDPR Tools) is a feature rich Time & Attendance Workforce solution, designed especially for the U.K. market and suitable for small expanding businesses.  The system is fully expandable and is adaptable to cope with everyday business requirements like time sheets, overtime, absence management, security, HR etc.

All Proximity packages include: –
1 x ActIn Time Lite Junior 2021 software
1 x Proximity Series 1 clocking terminal
5 x Step Installation Assistance
Cards or Fobs equivalent to employee limit purchased
1 x FREE Sage Payroll Export CSV Link
1 x Installation manual
1 x Network data cable, 3 metres
12 Months warranty


£595.00£895.00 excl. VAT



ActIn Time is one of the UK’s leading Time & Attendance workforce management solutions which has been especially written in the U.K. for our flexible working rules/processes.  The ActIn Time platform has grown over the last 30 years with thousands of companies relying on the solid foundation, to help monitor and pay their staff’s time keeping records.  Quite simply, it is British manufacturing and technology at its best.

The main three focus’ of this solution has always been, “to provide customers with a cost effective solution”, “simple to use” and “packed with exciting features for future scoping”.  Whatever package you decide upon you will be in good hands, as our experienced technical team will assist you through the FIVE stages of a successful implementation to enable you to have a working system from day one.

Free 5 Step Installation Setup Plan (1 day)

  1. Pre-Installation discussion on how you would like the system setup to your requirements.
  2. Software installation & configuration
  3. Programming, Shift/Overtime setup & Employee import (sit back and relax, let our experts do the work for you)
  4. Clocking hardware commissioning
  5. End User Training

Nationwide Onsite Installation & Training is available upon request.


Choose from 3 simple packages to suit your organisational size and specification (see feature chart at the footer of the screen):

  • Lite Junior (15, 30, 75 employees)
  • Lite (75, 150 employees)
  • Full (unlimited employees)

ActIn Time is a fully working, out of the box solution that caters for the majority of customers requirements, however the software can also be customised with scripting to cater for those more tricky setups.  The main core modules are included FREE of charge and additional modules can simply be added should customers want to expand at a later date. With the emphasis nowadays on data security to comply with GDPR, the system utilises a Microsoft SQL database to store the data, which is well known for its stability, reliability, speed across networks and data encryption.

  • Calculation of employees hours worked according to their shift working patterns
  • Overtime for daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or customised working periods
  • Shift Types – Fixed, Open, Flexible, True Flexitime with daily balances, Rostering
  • To-Do prompts alerting the user to specific tasks when they happen in Real Time
  • Anomalies are highlighted for unauthorised absence outside of their core working hours
  • Audit trail showing the difference between original to amended clockings and any manual adjustments
  • Tiered authorisation of overtime approval
  • Payroll Linking to popular software packages i.e. Sage, Pegasus etc.
  • Over a hundred reports & exports to choose from

A selection of flexible and customisable scripts can be applied to enable automatic alerts on users “To Do Lists” to help them comply with the new GDPR legislation. Specific company GDPR policy rules can be applied as a global setting for specific fields within the database that apply to each company i.e. when someone leaves, an action should take place after “x” amount of days to remove their personnel, biometric template, future absences, contact details etc. type of records.

  • Graphical booking with tactical absence alerts
  • Absence tracking of employees entitlements against categories i.e. holidays, sickness, maternity, return to work etc.
  • Year planner with statistics to see who is off at the same time
  • Declined booking alerts
  • Event cross referencing
  • Bradford Factor
  • Rolling 12 month absences
  • Basic essential tools for name, address, passport, ID Photo etc.
  • Utilise the free full suite of personnel tools for Disciplinary, Next of Kin, Health & Safety, Employment, Job Specification, Medical, Training Qualifications, Asset Management, Achievements, Vehicles etc.
  • Document storage against category’s
  • Automated – (requires additional hardware) or Manually triggered
  • Attendance Roll call display panel to see who is ON or OFF site
  • Fire Alarm monitor – A fire alarm link for auto instant alerts
  • Instant reports or emails upon activation
  • Employee return to work alerts
  • Attendance – employees can clock in/out, view time sheet
  • Absence requests, viewing approved and declined, view entitlement for the year and view the statistics team year planner
  • Plus Access & Job Costing functionality
  • Document upload function to enable expenses, tickets, receipts, contracts to be sent to the software.
  • Add-on Feature
  • Clock In/OUT on the go
  • GPRS tracking synced to clocking data
  • Works online & offline (no signal) simultaneously
  • Access Control – Complete site security for doors, barriers, gates
  • Job Costing – Integrated shop floor data collection to log hours worked against a job & operation

Please call to discuss your setup, hardware & requirements

Hardware Plug ‘n’ Play Devices – Face , Finger, Hand, Proximity

Face Biometrics– Look/stare at the device to clock/register, its that simple (secure & hygienic).
Proximity – Present a keyfob or credit card to clock/register (very fast, simple & works in all environments)
Finger Biometrics – Use your finger or finger and pin or finger and card to clock/register (secure & simple).
Handpunch Biometrics – Utilising the contours of your hands allows for a unique, safe and encrypted clocking tool (traditional, secure & hygienic).

The biometric devices above do not store your actual fingerprint but capture points/ridges to build unique algorithms per person which is then stored safely away. Simple & Easy to install WIFI, USB & GPRS are optional.

Additional Information

Key Features
  • UK manufactured software with UK rules
  • Single PC or Server install with clients
  • Free Microsoft SQL Studio Express
  • Platform – Microsoft Servers 2019/17/16/14/12/08, Virtual Servers, Windows 10, 8, 7
  • Microsoft IIS Web Server compatibility
  • Data Encryption security
  • Data Lockdown for previous pay periods (read only)
  • Audit trail
  • Emergency Data Recovery
  • Re-calculation rule wizard
  • Bespoke customisation for advanced rules
  • Notifications & Email/Printer alerts
  • Multi-site & Automated template movement
  • Multi-level software users
  • Multi-level approval system
  • 3rd Party Integration
  • Automated Backup & Restore
Example Reports
Roll Call by Grouping
Weekly Clock Card
Yearly Absence Planner
Absence Weekday Analysis
Archived Hours
Core Time Infringements


We have been using Actin Time for attendance/absence management for many years now. Our experience with the support and software has been exceptional and has saved us countless hours of admin work over the many years of use. We look forward to developing new systems with ActIn Time in the years to come.

Neil George

Company Platform Developer, Lewis Pies Ltd

Software Comparison Chart


Suited for small to medium sized companies who prefer a complete solution with onsite setup and face to face training. Self install also available.
Call Us(Max 150 employees)
  • This package includes all features from the Lite Junior Package
  • Dashboards
  • Planner / Roster
  • Access Control (Optional)
  • Job Costing (Optional)
  • Cost Centre Analysis (Optional)
  • Asset Management (Optional)
  • Online Web Portal (Optional)
  • Customisation (Optional)
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Medium to Large companies to encompass all aspects of the ActIn Time Suite for future company growth with no software restrictions.
Call Us(Unlimited employees)
  • This package includes all features from the Lite Package
  • Job Costing
  • Cost Centre Analysis
  • Asset Management
  • Online Web Portal
  • Customisation (Optional)
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Employee Amount

15 Employees, 30 Employees, 75 Employees


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