ActIn Time 2019 - Time Attendance System

ActIn Time 2019

(with GDPR tools)


ActIn Time is one of the UK’s leading Time & Attendance workforce management solutions for medium to large organisations. Designed and written in the U.K. especially for our demanding complex shift patterns and flexible working rules which are often found setup across various industries. The software is based on a secure Microsoft SQL database which runs in REAL TIME, providing you with a powerful management suite to help you efficiently manage and maintain accurate staff records in one easy to use software package. The ActIn Time brand has grown over the last 30 years with thousands of companies relying on the solid foundation, to help monitor and pay their staff’s time keeping records to help reduce their payroll time & costs. Quite simply, it is British manufacturing and technology at its best.

Employee & Managers Web Portal

Allow additional transparency for staff to view their timesheets, clocking in & out, view/request absences, view their absence entitlement, attach documents or allow Managers extra tools to help them manage their team on the go. Simply choose the permissions and features for each member of staff.

Companies and partners we’ve worked with

Packed with additional modules

As well as the New GDPR Tools, the software is packed full of exciting features and modules which are included FREE of charge (except any yearly subscription modules). The ActIn Time concept has always been, “Give more, Pay less” and provide customers a feature rich suite of modules at no additional cost. We have successfully applied a full transparency strategy for years to thousands of customers, which allow them to grow into the product at their own pace and budget better for the years ahead with “NO HIDDEN COSTS”. With 3 versions to choose from and the Full version available with unlimited software users and employees, we are confident that ActIn Time is the best value for money package on the market today.

Absence Management
Reports, Exports & Customisation
Optional Payroll Interface


Asset Management

ADP (Attendance Display Panel)

To-Do List & Dashboards

Absence Management

Job Costing

Reports, Exports & Customisation

TWC – Web Portal


Cost Centre Analysis

ESS – Web Portal

Optional Payroll Link Interface

Access Control

Fire Alarm / Assembly Point

Optional Mobile Worker

Machine Control

Consolidate your team in one simple to use but powerful software

ActIn Time is a powerful time & attendance system that can handle the most complex of shift rules and working patterns, whether it be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or custom pay periods for fixed, flexible, rostering or true flexi-time patterns.

Overtime can be calculated Daily or by Pay period, with hierarchy rules to claw back overtime if basic hours have not been reached. The system has been designed around an interactive real time “To Do List” that assists and alerts users of their daily and weekly tasks. Automatic pop up alerts, audit monitoring and reporting can be customised for virtually anything i.e. attendance lateness, core time working infringements, early and late departures, overtime authorisation, target hours not reached, manual adjustments, multi-level approval, missed clockings etc. Some other examples of additional alerts could be set for:- Absence – requests by staff for time off via the web portal or attendance device, statistical absence abuse, lack of first aiders onsite, holiday clashes, special event or cancelled absence abuse etc. Access Control – Door ajar alerts for security breaches. Plus much more… Graphical planners are available for Absence booking or Attendance rostering for single or groups of staff with unlimited user defined absence codes and categories.

Reports & Exports

With hundreds of default reports and exports to choose from, we are sure to have the right one for you. ActIn Time also includes a free Report Generator just in case you would like to customise your own layouts and styles. Default reports can be run via date range on individuals or groups and sorted in various ways. By applying simple filters it enables you to quickly and efficiently extract the data you are looking for, you can even set automated emails or printouts on set days and times i.e. daily lateness or unauthorised absence anomalies after shift start.

Personnel / HR

Should you wish to consolidate all your personnel records, the software includes a feature rich module to enable you to store personnel data for various topics. You can set expiry and review dates with pop up alerts on your To Do List per user/manager so that you never miss an event again. The system can be customised by you with unlimited references for Training, Qualifications, Disciplinary, Appraisals, Job Spec, Medical, Leavers and Biometric data removal, Documents, Certifications, Equipment assets plus much more.

Exceptional Range of Hardware

Whatever your requirement, whether internal or external (waterproof) for Time & Attendance, Access control, Job Costing etc. we are sure to have the right device for your application. Choose the technology that best suits your requirements from Proximity, Barcode or a Biometric device to eliminate buddy punching like Finger, Face, Hand, Palm, Iris etc. which are suitable for normal or harsh environments i.e. manufacturing, factories, offices, health, building sites, commercial, food, wet down areas, hotels, etc. Devices can be located on one or multiple sites at no additional charge and downloaded via TCP/IP, GPRS or USB for fixed, mobile or temporary locations.

Other Hardware plus much more….

Below is a small selection of hardware that is compatible with ActIn Time:-

Biometric & Proximity Terminals
Biometric & Proximity Terminals
Multi Biometric Terminals
Multi Biometric Terminals
Face Recognition Terminals
Face Recognition Terminals
Handpunch Terminals
Handpunch Terminals
Access Control Terminals
Access Control Terminals
Smart Asset Terminals
Smart Asset Terminals
IP67 External Waterproof Reader
IP67 External Waterproof Reader

GDPR Tools Built In

The introduction of the GDPR control module in ActIn Time 2018 will help assist companies to work within the new GDPR data protection rules commencing 25th May 2018 which provides you with a platform and notification screen for deleting/removing employee data, such as Personnel, future absences, biometric templates etc. within set times to comply with your companies policy.

Security & Safety – Access Control for doors, barriers & gates

Protect your staff, visitors and property with our complete access control solution, so why not switch on the inclusive Access Control module when you’re ready. Simply purchase an Access Controller, set your permissions and away you go. ActIn Time suits all access control requirements, from single to complex door installations, vehicle, pedestrian & multi-site management.

Real-Time Roll Call reporting

Companies have an obligation to keep their staff safe at all times under the Health & Safety regulations. ActIn Time operates in a Real Time mode and can be easily linked directly into your Fire Alarm system to provide an automated Employee Fire Roll Call report of who is ON/OFF SITE, upon activation it triggers an action which can be sent to multiple printers, emails or sites if required. Additionally, you can ask employees to self-register at safety Muster points. Receptionists, Gatehouses or Managers/users can also view an ADP (Attendance Display Panel) screen to see who is In/Out and get alerted when people clock back in to site.

Partners & Solutions we’ve integrated or worked with

If you already own and use clocking in hardware or door access control then get in touch, we may be able to utilise your existing hardware or media to save you extra money for your project because we have integrated to dozens of different technologies.

Customisation & Flexibility

ActIn Time is a fully working, out of the box solution that caters for the majority of customers’ requirements, however the software can also be customised with scripting to cater for those more tricky setups without breaking the bank!

Peace of Mind! Buy with Confidence.

The secret to a successful installation is good Communications, Time and Project planning at a Senior level.

Once we have received you order you will be in good hands, as our experienced technical team will assist you through the SIX stages of implementation to enable you to have a working system from day one.

6 Step Installation Setup Plan

  1. Pre-Installation project build & setup discussion
  2. Software installation & configuration
  3. Programming, shift/overtime setup & employee import
  4. Clocking hardware installation & commissioning
  5. End user training
  6. After care support

We are that confident you will be our next happy customer, we welcome you to ask us for reference sites to speak to, for unbiased feedback and reviews.

Don’t take our word for it, read our reviews.

A business relationship spanning over 20 years, from mechanical machines to a software solution for multiple sites, I can honestly say that the service and professionalism has been 1st class. We have certainly had value for money because the equipment is so efficient and reliable, which has helped us streamline our payroll procedures to enable us to concentrate on our core business.

David Howard General Manager DW Mouldings Ltd.

Since replacing our old system for the ActIn Time package it has been a breath of fresh air, the Employee and Manager Self Service web portal have now replaced our manual records. Support desk has got lots of patience and is very helpful.

Justyna Thanassoulas Senior Quality Engineer Air Bearings Ltd

We required robust and reliable products for a factory environment and since the implementation in 2012 we have continued to be impressed, we have since added more equipment to help with our daily demands.

Brian Sadler Quality & Contracts Manager Lexon(G.B.)Limited

Support Comes as Standard

With over 250 years of current support knowledge within the team to rely upon, you can rest easy knowing that we strive to give all our customers excellent support and service, which is key to our success. Sit back and relax whilst we try to take you on a pain free journey into time! All systems come with the first 12 months support free of charge. Our aim is to ask you to be our next referral partner.